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They’re an alternative to a conventional venue

Marquees offer an alternative to a conventional venue. Conference centres and halls are outdated and do nothing to impress your guests. If you’re really looking to make a lasting impression you need a memorable night, and the starting point to achieving this is hosting in a venue that really does have the ‘wow-factor’.

They will make your business known

By having a unique venue, not only will it impress on the night, it’ll keep your guests talking about you and your company days, weeks, maybe even months later! This is especially useful if you’re looking to increase your brand awareness amongst your guests – old fashioned word-of-mouth marketing never fails.

They provide a blank canvas

What is more ideal for branding than a blank canvas? Unlike a traditional venue with old carpets and uncomfortable chairs, with a marquee you quite literally have free reign with the aesthetics. At Simon Bond Events we can help to transfer your blank canvas into something truly unique.

They are suitable for a range of equipment

There’s nothing worse than deciding on a venue then finding out there are noise limitations or power restrictions. In a marquee, along with the décor, the sound, lighting and any other electrical equipment is completely unhindered – especially if it’s hosted on private grounds. This gives you the opportunity to go even bigger and better to really give your event the ‘wow-factor’ that you want it to have.

Marquees are ideal if your company is re-branding, releasing a new product or aiming to build client relationships as they give you the opportunity to work the space specifically around what you want. Along with this, you are given a lot more flexibility in terms of location – which is integral for determining the guest list.

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