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From the understated – to the extravagant – to the simply phenomenal marquee weddings that we have created; every bride and groom has had their very own reasons for choosing to host their wedding in a marquee. So if you’re thinking of having a marquee wedding, here’s our top reasons why you’re absolutely right to do so…


If you have the location, they can be pitched pretty much anywhere you like, and what better way to make your day sentimental than to host it in a homely location like your own garden. Brides find they are a lot more calm and comfortable when hosting at a location they’re familiar.


You have complete flexibility to create a space EXACTLY as you want it. You shouldn’t have to pick and choose who can come to your big day because your venue only has a capacity of 60 people; or have the atmosphere ruined because they layout isn’t sociable. We can pretty much cater to any number of guests, and on top of this, the control of the layout is completely in your hands.


Marquees come in a whole range of designs so there isn’t a need to go for the traditional style if you’re looking for something more unique like a tipi or yurt. A marquee interior is essentially a blank canvas giving you the freedom to be as creative as you like, and so you can make sure the venue fits smoothly with the theme of your wedding.


Ever been to an event where you have to leave by 11pm? Or organised an event at a venue that has noise restrictions? This isn’t the case when you hire a marquee. If you hire a band as entertainment, they can be given free reign, so the party can continue into the early hours!’. It’s also completely up to you when the party finishes – why cut the night short if everybody’s having the time of their lives?


Unlike traditional venues, at a marquee wedding YOU decide when and what you eat. There are no hidden catches that force you to go with a certain caterer, so the choice of food is up to you, as it should be.